Make Your Own Stimulus Check

Millions of Americans found use for the tax refund checks that were part of the last year's $168 billion economic stimulus package. Some saved it, some spent it, it was a great help for many.

The goal of an economic stimulus check is to give money to individuals, who will then go out and spend the money. According to the Economist, the $92 billion in tax rebates which Americans received in July 2008 led to a growth in consumer spending of 1.7%.

This growth took place even as consumers managed high gasoline prices, unemployment, and tightening credit. Without the stimulus, consumer spending may not have grown at all (Economist, 2008).

The question most Americans have now is, "Will we be getting a stimulus check in 2009? " This question is still up in the air.

But why wait for a Government stimulus check when you can make your own. As my job slowed down because of the Recession, I started looking for ways to make extra money to help pay my bills.

After much searching and trial and error, I found some legit ways to make extra money online for free. I have been paid by some good sites and will post Proof of Payments on this blog. I receive Checks and PayPal payments every month now, the money comes in very handy for bills and extra spending money.

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